1) What is peer education?

 Peer education is peer-to-peer learning and interaction. Students teach fellow students about topics that are currently affecting them in the college environment. Peer education is based on a structured, educational format while still being interactive, informal, and fun! Peer educators are trained by specialists on the topics they cover in order to ensure accurate and timely information, but it is presented in a way that engages fellow peers. However, peer education is not a replacement for therapy, treatment, or professional help.


2) Why are peer educators important?

 Peer educators are positive role models. While peer pressure works to encourage unhealthy social norms (like binge drinking,  unsafe sex practices), peer education's goal is to encourage healthy behaviors and attitudes. Peer educators work to establish community ties through education and prevention, specifically on topics that may not be easily or comfortably discussed in classroom settings. For example, students may feel more comfortable learning and talking about alcohol use and safer sex with their peers - not with parents, professors, and other "authority" figures where they feel judgment or preaching may occur.


3) Can anyone become a peer educator? Are there any requirements?

Yes! Anyone can become a peer educator! Do you like to help others? Are friendly, outgoing, and helpful? Want to work on a team and build resume/career skills? Then join H.O.P.E!

Because we provide information to students on various topic areas, there are some requirements in becoming a peer educator. Training on these topic areas is crucial, and each one is typically an hour of training. However, this training is provided free and done together as a group. Members are also expected to be active (attending meetings, participating in events, etc)

Interested in joining H.O.P.E? For Fall 2010, we meet TBD in the Women's Center, located in Schwartz Hall. Contact us at hope@southernct.edu for more information or if you would like to join!


4) I am a professor. Can I invite H.O.P.E. to do a program for my class?

Yes! All you need to do is contact us at hope@southernct.edu with your name, the course title, number of students, the day and time your class meets, and what topic you would like us to do. We will then check the availability of our members to do the program for your class.


5) I am a community coordinator/community advisor. Can I invite H.O.P.E. to do a program in my residence hall?

Yes! All you need to do is contact us at hope@southernct.edu with your name, your residence hall, how many students you expect to be there, the days and times you'd be available to do the program, and what topic you would like us to do. 


6) I am a member of another club. Is H.O.P.E open to working with other student organizations?

Yes! H.O.P.E. understands the importance of working together as a campus community. We are open to various community service projects and club events - Please e-mail us at hope@southernct.edu if you would like to invite us to an event or are looking to collaborate. We will try to lend our support as best we can!


7) What other things does H.O.P.E do ?

H.O.P.E participates in a variety of community service activities, including: AIDS Walk New Haven, CROP Walk, and fundraising for Domestic Violence Services of Greater New Haven. We also attend peer education regional conferences, and do fun projects like themed tables and ice cream socials!



Empower Others. Empower Yourself. Become a Peer Educator!

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