Alcohol and Drug Use and Safety

Students use drugs for a variety of reasons - to party, study, relax, or deal with stressful situations. There is a way to drink without it being exceptionally unhealthy, however there is a growing trend of college kids using alcohol in an unhealthy/dependent way. For example, binge drinking is still a major issue on college campuses and it can lead to bad decisions involving sex, violence, and driving. Alcohol can have a negative impact on one emotionally, physically, and mentally at moderate to high levels. Also, there has been an alarming trend in recent years for college students to abuse drugs like OxyCotin, Ritalin, caffeine and diet pills, Marijuana, and Ecstasy, and these drugs can have serious health consequences.

For more information about alcohol and drug use please visit the SCSU Drug and Alcohol Resource Center (DARC) website at


Positive Body Image and Eating Disorders

Feeling beautiful comes from within, and healthy eating is a way to feel good about yourself, gain more energy, and become a stronger and healthy YOU . Unfortunately, both men and women experience the physical and emotional health consequences of eating disorders - anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. Eating well, using on and off campus support services, and having good body image can improve well-being and self-esteem.

For more information about eating disorders and normal eating, or need help for yourself or a friend, please visit SCSU Counseling Services at


 Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are the foundation for our lives. Whether they are romantic, platonic, or with family members, they are important to maintain. It is important to educate students about the need for trust, honesty, respect, and communication, and to work against the harmful effects of jealousy, cheating, and verbal/physical/emotional abuse.


Sexual Assault

1 in 36 college women are sexually assaulted or the victim of attempted rapes in any given academic year. Roughly 75% of these sexual assaults are committed by a person the survivor knew (acquaintance rape) Each year, H.O.P.E. participates in Take Back the Night, an event on-campus that speaks out against sexual assault and domestic violence against both men and women.

For more information about healthy relationships and sexual assault please visit the SCSU Women's Center website at


Safer Sex

There's no such thing as completely safe sex - but we can all work to make it safer! Empowering yourself to use protection every time you engage in sexual intercourse can decrease your chance of pregnancy and STDs. Safer sex also includes consent and communication when it comes to any type of sexual interaction in your relationships.

For more information about safer sex and other wellness topics please visit the SCSU Wellness Center at and SCSU Health Services at 




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