H.O.PE (Helping Other Peer Educators)



Directions: Hello SCSU students you were a part of a Class discussion for the Fall 2010 Semester. Please read carefully all of the following questions below on the topic that was discussed in your class. When you are done please E-mail you’re your answers to Hope@southernct.edu to enter a chance to win a Raffle Prize.


Healthy Relationship


  1.   What does respect mean in a dating relationship?
  2.  Being sure about Consent involves what four things?
  3.  What is Equality in healthy in a relationship?
  4.  The four key components of a Healthy Relationship are:_____.

Sexual Assault


  1.  What are the suggested tips to do if you are assaulted?
  2. What are some warnings signs for sexual Assault?
  3. Fact or myth: Rape is not sexually motivated. It is a crime of violence and power. 
  4. True or false:   60-80% of all victims know their assailant (acquaintance, co-worker, relative, etc.)

Eating Disorders


  1.   What are some physical symptoms of Anorexia nervosa?
  2.  Who has an eating disorder?
  3. What are some behavioral signs of Binge Eating disorder?
  4. True or false : 59% of individuals entering treatment for eating disorders considered a prolonged period of dieting as a precipitating event to the onset of their disorder?

Clubbing safety


  1.  What is the on-campus police telephone number?

  2.    The R.I.D.E.S program offers taxi cab services to which two cab companies? What are the companies’ telephone numbers?

  3.     What is the basics program?
  4.  True or False A blood alcohol level of .05% is considered low risk for problems. At this level you are more likely to experience the euphoric effects of alcohol, feeling relaxed and sociable.


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